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Product number: WL12337
Manufacturer: Carbonit
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Product information "Carbonit CITO-QC"

The flexible drinking water filter with convenience and quick change (QC) system.

The CITO-QC is planned as a 1-cartridge device for the main use under the sink.
It differs from the similarly applicable VARIO-HP in particular through the Quickconnect (QC) system and a compact exterior design. The filter cartridge housing is separated from the QC filter head by simply turning it. The inlet and outlet are automatically closed so that no water escapes. The filter cartridge can easily be changed in the sink.

Depending on the version, fully equipped as a kit:

  • for branching from the cold water pipe (for separate drinking water extraction) or for return to the water pipe (for filtering all the tap water) to your previous tap
  • with separate tap or without tap for individual selection of a tap (see spare parts & accessories / tap sets)

The technology is always hidden under the sink.

The individual components have been checked in accordance with the guidelines of the DVGW and DIN EN 14898 and are made of food-grade materials. All housing materials meet the KTW recommendations and positive lists thanks to high-quality plastics (PP). The safety tests for compressive strength meet DIN 19632, DIN 14898 and GSO 481.1.022. Although use is only permitted in the PN 10 pressure range, the burst pressure tested is just under 28 bar.

The permissible working pressure is 7 bar.
We offer the kits listed below. For further information please click on the models. To select the suitable kit, read the ATK device selection table and ATK product quick finder.

CITO-QC Classic

  • NFP Premium
  • without a tap
  • Branch from the line

CITO-QC Universal

  • IFP Puro
  • without a tap
  • Return to the line


  • without filter cartridge
  • without a tap
  • Branch from or return to the line

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