Carbonit Quadro 60


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Product information "Carbonit Quadro 60"
Point-of-Entry (POE) System usually installed after the water meter.

Fresh and clean water from the waterworks travels a long way until it reaches your water tap. Thus its quality diminishes through interaction with the external service system and especially the internal house installation.

The water also contains unwanted substances that are not restricted by law at this point. These substances include medical residues, polar pesticides and fibres of asbestos.

To make sure you are consuming only the purest water we have developed our CARBONIT Premium Drinking Water Filters. They significantly reduce the amount of unwanted substances and improve the taste and smell of your tap water. Does not remove beneficial minerals.

The CARBONIT QUADRO treats all water entering a house. (Water meters are typically located in the basement of a house. In warm weather climates, the water meter may be in the garage or outside of the house.)

Central filter installation for high water outputs. The attractiveness of the design also makes it unconcealed installation possible. For protecting the entire piping network against rust, corrosion, and pitting. The filters used reduce in particular chlorine, organic compounds, and particles without the use of chemicals. No removal of life-essential minerals.

In line with current good practice and epdwa Guidelines. Filter cartridges should be changed every 6 months. To be used with cold water only.

Each housing is marked by its production date. This faciliates our permanent quality ckecks.

The housing block is made out of POM (Hostaform C 2571) and CrNiMo steanless steel of quality 1.4541. The QUADRO 60 offers up to 4 qm of filtered water per hour.

QUADRO 60: About 22 l/min of water each WFP Select cartridge. Water entry with 1" thread.
Scope of delivery: Complete filter unit with wall bracket and manometers. Stainless steel flexible hose are included. Without Carbonit Monoblock WFP Select filter cartridges. When ordering, please specify whether the water is to flow through the device from the left or from the right.



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