F16 stainless steel design tap



Product number: WL11412
Manufacturer: Prime Inventions
EAN: 4250188800787

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Product information "F16 stainless steel design tap"

F-16 Stainless steel faucet is ideal for the modern kitchen. The faucet can easily be mounted on to thick Marble worktops because of the 8 cm connection pipe. The faucet can easily be swivelled on its own axis by 360°. The water spout is integrated with a faucet aerator and has a threaded M22x1 thread which is ready to be fitted with the water whirler. The threaded spout is secured with a barely visible nut, so you can attach the water whirler to increase and produce the perceived water pressure.


  • Material: Housing case and outlet pipe made out of uncoated stainless steel

  • Easy, pivoting faucet, turning 360°

  • Spout with aerator and M22x1 threading for water whirler

  • Durable, easily replaceable and less wear and tear

  • ceramic inserts with stainless steel cage

  • Suitable for Carbon under counter filter Vario and Duo

  • Height from worktop to the centre of the outlet pipe approx. 295mm

  • Height from the worktop to spout 200 mm

  • Spout projection 16 cm

  • Counter top mounting max. thickness 70 mm

  • 3/8” connection without adapter

  • Bore diameter for worktop 17 mm

  • Adapter for Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are available as an option. Please specify when ordering the pipe diameter.

Ceramic seal kit DS-2

The ceramic seal kit DS-2 is easily replaceable by unscrewing the seal and replacing.

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