ROWA Permeator 1.4 Sirius RO-Membrane


Product number: WL052053
Manufacturer: Rowa4you
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Product information "ROWA Permeator 1.4 Sirius RO-Membrane"

RO-Permeator 1.4 Sirius

The ROWA reverse osmosis module has been specially developed for ROWA filter systems with pumps to produce higher outputs. Up to 2 liters per minute are achieved with a membrane. The regular replacement interval of the prefilter must be observed in order to increase the service life of the diaphragm. It is not uncommon for this membrane to retain its filtration efficiency for over 10 years.

Suitable for ROWA Sirius and ROWA Aqua Tower with RO filtration.

Change interval - 4 to 7 years