Copper drinking bottle, 650ml

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Product number: WL11422
Manufacturer: Berk
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Product information "Copper drinking bottle, 650ml"

Flower of Life Copper bottle, small

This hand-hammered copper bottle with engraved flower of life is a very special treasure for all who love to drink pure and energetically high quality water at any time. Drinking from copper vessels has had great importance in Ayurveda for centuries. Copper water is still traditionally used today to vitalize body & spirit.

The holistic healing art of Ayurveda is about balancing the three Doshas - our life forces. The copper water brings our elements Vata - air, Pitta - fire and Kapha - water into balance and thus harmonizes body & mind.

The flower of life is regarded as a representation of the perfect cosmic order. Thereby it creates a harmonious energy field in which the person finds his centre. A truly powerful symbol of protection! The water from this copper bottle contains twice the good energy of the powerful flower of life and the harmonizing copper.

Hand hammered copper with engraved flower of life. Certified according to LFGB30 - therefore food safe. With screw cap and silicone inlay for drip resistance.

Pure copper with silicone seal H: 24.5 cm,  6.5 cm, Contents 650 ml

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