Big Flower of Life Sticker Ø 8 cm, 1 sticker

Flower of Life


Product number: WL11453
Manufacturer: Berk
EAN: 4250209811884

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Product information " Big Flower of Life Sticker Ø 8 cm, 1 sticker"

Why the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life is the symbolic depiction of life itself. In this symbol - which can be continued endlessly - the center (or the core), the development, and the perfect harmony are all portrayed. If we regularly energize our food and our water with this eternally valid, intelligent symbol, our consciousness is increasing, and the powers of light and healing inside of us are activated naturally.

The Flower of Life - Stickers

These stickers consist of high-quality gold embossing on a transparent foil. The Flower of Life stickers can be applied anywhere where your heart desires to have them- for example, on your favorite book, on the bottom of your drinking glasses, or on your flower pots, etc. This way, you are energizing your things with a very simple means.