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Slow Juicer DT-SJ-19

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  • WL11365
  • Founded in 2003
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The best solution to upgrade your Life Enjoy healthy fruit and vegetable juices in your... more

The best solution to upgrade your Life

Enjoy healthy fruit and vegetable juices in your kitchen with different flavors and nutrition. Dahlert slow juicer is the best choice for your healthy life.

Innovative & Advanced

Working with leading experts in the field, Dahlert Slow Juicers work to slowly extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables, for less stress on ingredients and maximum, natural flavor in the form of extracted juice.

Effortless cleaning

The simple chamber design allows for a complete 160° opening of the pulp outlet for convenient washing. The no-mesh strainers can be taken apart for quick and effortless cleaning.

Surprisingly quiet

The low-noise design allows you to use the Dahlert juicer at any time of the day, without worrying about being too loud.

High-pressure Low-maintenance

The pulp outlet is complete with double-silicone packing to ensure pressure to help thoroughly squeeze juice from the exiting fibers.

A simple chamber design and intuitive pulp outlet that can open a complete 160°, allows for convenient washing.

Seven-degree tilt extracts every last drop!

The bottom of the chamber has been given a seven-degree tilt to collect even the very last dropsof juice after the juicing process is complete, with no need for the user to tilt the device manually.

Insert ingredients safely with the new and improved dual hopper

Dahlert’s dual hopper is now even safer to use thanks to a design that does not require users to place their hands into the hopper when inserting ingredients. The increased size of the hopper also makes it easier to juice ingredients of a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Why Dahlert?

1. The colors of nature

Juice made with the Dahlert slow Juicer is characterized by deep, rich colors and full-bodied fragrances, as it contains all parts of the ingredients, including the seeds and skin of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in phytochemicals (antioxidant substances).

2. The taste of nature

Dahlert Slow Juicer creates juice that is uniform in concentration with minimal separation of the ingredients into layers. By minimizing the destruction of cell walls via friction, color change of the ingredients is delayed. This is why Dahlert juice has a richer and fresher taste than other types of juice.

3. The nutrients of nature

Because the auger of the Dahlert juicer rotates at low speeds, which delays oxidation caused by exposure to air and compresses the ingredients, the ingredients experience only a minimal amount of friction/shock. This minimizes the heat-caused destruction of nutrients.

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