Drinking Bottle 1l round, web


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Product number: WL11695
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Product information "Drinking Bottle 1l round, web"

The bottle is made from Tritan co polyester. This plastic (Triphenylmethane) is tasteless and odorless.
- Height 243 mm
- Bottle opening (d) 38 mm
- Width 83 mm


The Tritan bottles are made for non-carbonated beverages (fizzy drinks). The bottle can withstand an internal pressure of max. 2 bar (29PSI).The bottle life depends on the type of use and the way the bottle is cleansed. Drain and clean the bottles after use and protect it from direct sunlight during storage. The bottles can be cleaned in about 80 times normal household dishwashers (depending on wash cycle and detergent use).

It is recommended to clean the Tritan bottle per hand, as this ensures a much longer shelf life. Please check by a visual inspection on the condition of the bottle. In the case of visible cracking or hazing the bottle should be replaced.


Hand Cleaning: With conventional detergents using warm or hot water.
The Dishwasher: Only wash up to max. 80 degrees, please ensure the detergent is suitable for Tritan. Some cleaners may damage the Tritan bottles.
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