Disinfection spray RM 100


Product number: WL11636
Manufacturer: Carbonit
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Product information "Disinfection spray RM 100"
Disinfection spray in order to avoid the retrograde microbial contamination of water offshoots at all points of extraction. All those contaminations that have already taken place and wandered inwards cannot be contained. Here we are dealing with a professional product from the restaurant and catering industry and is also used in water vending machines.           
The disinfection substance contains highly flammable ethanol. Please keep clear of sources of ignition, don?t smoke when using it and make sure to take precautionary measures against any electrical charging.

A disinfection should always include several steps and also involve a preliminary mechanical cleaning with the aid of brushes. In order to avoid the formation of bacterial resistance it is advisable to undertake few but highly dosed disinfections.  ">