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Aqua Avanti Mercuro stainless steel Aqua Avanti Mercuro stainless steel
AQUA AVANTI Mercuro Compact and elegant - a feast for the eyes in the kitchen The installation is very easy and it can be attached to the original faucet from your sink using a high quality silicone hose. The diverter valve (included) is...
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Design-Wasserhahn F-29 Tina Design-Wasserhahn F-29 Tina
Design-Wasserhahn Tina Edelstahl Design-Wasserhahn, ideal für die moderne Küche. Der Wasserhahn lässt sich durch sein über 8 cm langes Anschlussrohr auch auf dicken Marmor-Arbeitsplatten etc. stabil anbringen. Das extra dicke Auslaufrohr...
€189.90 *
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F16 stainless steel design tap F16 stainless steel design tap
F-16 Stainless steel faucet is ideal for the modern kitchen. The faucet can easily be mounted on to thick Marble worktops because of the 8 cm connection pipe. The faucet can easily be swivelled on its own axis by 360°. The water spout is...
€59.00 *
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Eggy whirler Eggy whirler
Eggy Whirler - The Archetype Whirler Ideal Shape We have succeeded in designing a whirler chamber exploiting the ultimate archetype egg shape. High Quality Materials The EggyWhirler is manufactured exclusively with high quality,...
€168.00 *
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Aquawhirler Inline AW-26 Aquawhirler Inline AW-26
Aquawhirler Inline AW-26 HOUSING FROM V4A STAINLESS STEEL WITH WHIRL BALLS The new AW-26 Aquawhirler is inserted for water whirling under the sink after the water filter or even in the shower. The housing is made of high quality V4A...
€159.00 *
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Aquawhirler AW-888 Aquawhirler AW-888
E nlivened quality water from your own faucet Your advantages of using our whater whirler Your tap water tastes milder and fresher, as if it were from a natural spring The porosity of your tap water is increased, so that nutrients and...
€208.00 *
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Auslaufrohr AD-288 Auslaufrohr AD-288
Auslaufrohr für Sanuno, Mercuro und WS8 Armatur. Gewinde: M22 x 1 Material: komplett Edelstahl gebürtstet
€20.00 *
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