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A healthy organism is in a state of natural equilibrium. This means that the organism absorbs the nutrients it needs. The organism completely metabolizes and excretes nutrients and no degradation products are being deposited in the tissue. This process requires a balanced diet, adequate exercise and sufficient fluid consumption.


Health out of the tap

Tap water is unrivalled low priced and available at any time. However the long way from the water works to the consumer reduces its quality. Water filters can provide pure and healthy drinking water directly out of the tap.

Water is our most precious natural resource. Drinking a lot of water keeps you in a good shape and the circulation going, improves the blood circulation, detoxicates and purifies the organism. The fluid in our body supports the metabolism, transports nutrients and regulates the body temperature. We loose approximately two litres of this vital fluid every day. We must replace this amount constantly, preferably with pure water that is of high quality, with a low price and is free of calories. Therefore it has aspects that other beverages do not provide.


From the spring into the home

For sure, the purest water is available in the mountains where it comes up out of the ground. But not everybody lives in a place with such a supply of spring water. However you do not have to haul boxes of expensive mineral water to your home.

We have the privilege - unlike the people in many other countries of the world - that we can draw our drinking water directly from the water tap without any effort. This also has an ecological advantage thus a bottle of mineral water often travels hundreds of kilometres across Europe before getting into the shelf of the local supermarket. Admittedly, the high engineered conditioning in the water works and the inevitable stagnation in containers and the pipe system reduce the natural taste of the drinking water considerably. After some years water pipes can get a quite unappetising look because of various disposals. Who once has seen such a pipe will not want to draw drinking water from it again.

Indeed there are regulations concerning the admissible amount of contaminants in the drinking water but not everything that has been approved of is also healthy. That is why the following should apply for our most precious natural resource: the less unnatural substances the better.


Savoury water thanks to filters

That is where activated-carbon block filters apply: They protect without using chemical substances and retain contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides or residues of medicaments through the cohesion of baked activated carbon without filtering out vital minerals. The result is hygienically pure drinking water comparable with still mineral water. Water of this high quality provides excellent taste for tea or coffee.



The need for sufficient fluid consumption is beyond dispute. Water is irreplaceable and its quality is of greatest importance for our health. Numerous scientific studies lead to the presumption that water deficiency is the cause for a lot of physical ailments and that it rapidly accelerates the ageing process.

Drinking a lot of water keeps you in a good shape and the circulation going, improves the blood circulation, detoxicates and purifies the organism. Water stimulates the metabolism and helps against acidity. Therefore, many nutritionists and alternative practitioners recommend filters for drinking water. Depending on age and weight your body needs 2 litres of fluid per day preferably in form of water. People who prefer mineral water have much to carry. By filtering water from the tap, you get fresh and tasty water that is comparable with excellent still mineral water.

Our tap water is conditioned in the water works. But the water that gets to our tap does not always have the same quality after being pumped through long pipe networks and maybe through old pipes in our houses. Transportation and stagnation in the pipes lead to ageing of the conditioned water. A filtration at the tapping can reverse this process and guarantees you water of best possible quality.


Calorie-free out of the pipe

The idea is tantalising: If you drink a lot of water during your diet, you loose weight more rapidly. German scientists now have found out that this can absolutely be taken seriously.

Two-thirds of a human being consists of water. In the body it is distributed for example over the blood and the lymph fluid. Interesting is the fact that the brain also contains a lot of water - our distributing centre is downright floating. The central organ for the water balance is the kidney. It filters about 1,700 litres of blood per day and permanently disposes of decomposition products evolving from metabolism through the urine


Power for the metabolism

For people who are about to start tackling the body fat the following information should be of interest: Researchers of the Charité in Berlin and the "Institut für Ernährungsforschung Potsdam-Rehbrücke" (German Institute of Human Nutrition) have found out that the consumption of tap water can be supportive for diets. They studied on overweight test persons the effect of drinking tap water on the metabolism. The researchers established that the consumption of 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day could elevate the energy exchange of 100 kilocalories. Projected on a year, this would be 36,500 kilocalories. This corresponds to 4 to 5 kilograms of adipose tissue.  

Maybe you already have tested the effect of drinking a glass of water before a meal. The calorie-free drink fills the stomach and tricks the body with the feeling that there is not too much space in the stomach. Of course this is not just good advice for loosing weight but also for staying slender.


Water purges

Who wants to reduce weight successfully naturally wants to loose the unloved fat pads. However fat is not only the stock for hard times but also for a set of fat-soluble substances like for example toxic elements that mostly appear in food only in tiny amounts and accumulate  over months and years  in the adipose tissue. If the diet is successful and the fat pads can be reduced those toxic elements reach the blood circulation and have to be disposed. In its function as refuse disposal service the kidney is thankful for being supported with a lot of fluid. By this way it can filter alien substances much better out of the blood. Therefore doctors again and again advise to drink regularly calorie-free beverages in the process of loosing weight.


The more the merrier

For balancing the fluid loss, doctors advice to drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily. Of course it may and has to be more during the summer when tropical temperatures make you break out in sweat. The same applies for athletes and people going to the sauna. If the water balance is not levelled, the ability to concentrate quickly decreases and the efficiency reduces. A lot of pure water from within also helps to provide dry skin with fluid. If you want to be really certain that the blue element out of the tap is as pure as possible then you can revert to water filtration. Cola or lemonades are rather inapt to satisfy one's thirst lastingly and also stresses the metabolism.


Getting exercise is healthy

Regular physical activity peps up the metabolism and trains the cardiovascular system. Whether hiking, running, cycling or more modern alternatives like inline skating, walking or mountain biking: the number of sports is growing continuously. Attention should always be paid to a sufficient fluid consumption.

One thing is obvious: We sweat during every sportive activity and with the sweat we loose important minerals. Especially the "sport minerals" calcium and magnesium are very important. Concerning the amount that should be drunk it can be taken as an approximate guideline to drink at least as much as has been excreted. One and a half times more would be better. Of course additionally to the daily need.

Proper drinking means to drink notably more to balance the fluid loss. And also not to drink all at once but distributed well before, during and after sport.


Serious fluid loss

If somebody is on the move he is getting warm. The body emits this heat by sweat. Someone who does exercises is sweating. And this is very important. During a persistent training the body must sweat permanently to avoid overheating.

However the human body looses water by sweating. The more intensive the sport is, the higher is the loss of water. Normal athletes loose approximately between 1 and 1.5 litres of water. If the temperature or the air humidity is high it could be up to 2 litres. Competitive athletes lose much more e.g. marathon runners for example lose between 4 and 5 litres. And they have only two hours to make up this great loss of fluid. This is almost impossible. Also normal athletes can not manage to make up this loss during their activity. 


Have a drink before you get thirsty 

For this reason it is better to drink before exercising, preferably a quarter up to half a litre. And during sport small amounts of water should be drunk every ten or fifteen minutes. It is also very important to drink after sport in order to balance the body fluid.

Prophylactic drinking in advance is the motto. If you get thirsty it is often too late. The body has already reacted. The blood becomes thicker and circulates slower, the muscles receive less oxygen and a loss of power is the obvious consequence. At this point drinking is not very helpful then the effects will remain.


What to drink?

Most useful is to drink exactly the same what the body has lost. Water, this can assimilate the body immediately. Inside the body the assimilation of water takes place within the small intestine. Therefore the drink has to pass the stomach first before being assimilated. Drinks that leave the stomach quickly are best. And this fact applies mainly to water.