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Carbonit IFP Puro + Bottle

Carbonit IFP Puro + Bottle

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Carbonit IFP Puro + Bottle Activated carbon monoblock Activated carbon is a... more
Carbonit IFP Puro + Bottle

Activated carbon monoblock Activated carbon is a material based on natural raw materials, which binds chemical compounds and molecules due to its porous structure and the resulting extremely large inner surface. Activated carbon is traditionally used in many processes in the chemical industry. Due to its high adsorptive properties, it is mainly used to purify exhaust air, drinking and wastewater as well as in food technology, pharmacy and chemistry.
Expert reports from renowned institutes confirm the thorough, chemical-free removal of undesired substances: heavy metals, drug residues, pesticides and microorganisms, lime and rust particles and many other substances. Dissolved minerals are retained in the water. Equipment, application.
IFP Puro. This filter cartridge is delivered from the factory in the SanUNO, DUO and VARIO.
9 3/4 "combination cartridge made of activated carbon and axially integrated capillary membrane. Awarded the Saxony-Anhalt Innovation Prize 2002.
Sterile (bacteria-free) water through Carbonit Monoblock IFP Puro (Dual Stage Pro) with a microfiltration membrane of 0.15 µm absolute (STER-O-TAP with log 8 reduction). Standardized 9 3/4 "element with flat seals and integrated O-ring (SOE). Particularly suitable for low water pressure. Combination of two technologies for high water flow in special applications (medical technology, automatic water dispensers) and convenient operation with a downstream technical device or swirler.
Service life, maintenance, filter change
A standing time of 6 months is recommended throughout Europe. In addition to the statements in DIN 1988, the epdwa guidelines, the HKI recommendations and the findings of various DIN specifications (NAL LH / AK HW 0029) and DIN EN 14898 and DVGW worksheet W 513 must be taken into account.
In principle, 10,000 liters of water can be filtered within the 6 months. However, it may need to be changed earlier if the water flow is noticeably reduced. An early change is not a defect in the filter used, but an indication of the increased occurrence of fine particles in the unfiltered water. Expert reports prove that, when used properly, there is no evidence of germs and break-through of the filter cartridge (chromatography effect).
Warning notices
For technical reasons, use is only permitted with cold water, protect against frost. Recommended filter change every 6 months. Filter cartridges are wearing parts.
The new drinking water bottles are made of the innovative and plasticizer-free material copolyester Tritan ™ and it does not contain bisphenol A. This plastic (triphenylmethane) is tasteless and odorless. In addition, the bottles are very light, heat-resistant and stable. The ideal bottle to take with you on the go. The bottle is easy to clean through the large opening. In the opening you can the water directly from the line z. b. whirl in directly with the vortex without it splattering. The bottle is also dishwasher safe. The bottles look exactly like polycarbonate bottles, but feel a little softer. The delivery takes place with blue lids.
  • large opening for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher compatible
  • heat-resistant up to 100 C ° (approx. up to 80 times)
  • pressure stable up to 1.0 bar
  • Color: blue-transparent
  • 0.5l. Bottle: height 185 mm, width 70 mm
  • 0.75l. Bottle: height 215 mm, width 75 mm
  • 1l. Bottle height 243 mm, width 83 mm
  • Bottle opening (d) 38 mm
  • Lid motif: Flower of Life
Very light, heat-resistant, stable and practical, good for on the go, for athletes, or simply to work, to school, etc. These bottles made of Tritan (formerly made of polycarbonate) are also used in the medical field, as well as for baby bottles and other sensitive drinks such as milk.
Important! Empty and clean the bottle after use and protect it from direct sunlight during storage. It is recommended to clean the Tritan bottle by hand, as this ensures a much longer shelf life. Do a regular visual inspection of the condition of the bottles. If there are visible cracks or fogging, the bottle should be replaced.
Scope of delivery
One replacement filter cartridge Carbonit IFP Puro and a drinking bottle for thirst on the go. Lid - flower of life. 0.5l, 0.75l and 1l. Bottles are available via the variant selection. 
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