Aqua Avanti Nautilus


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Product number: WL11703
Manufacturer: Prime Inventions
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Product information "Aqua Avanti Nautilus"

Stainless steel under sink filter housing with integrated backflow preventer.


The stainless steel external and internal surfaces mean the AA Nautilus can be cleaned well and in a hygienic way.


As well as the wall bracket made of stainless steel, the AA Nautilus also has two 3/8“ connection hoses (below the sink as standard in Germany), as well as a 3/8“ stopcock.

In order to operate the Nautilus, we would recommend either a three-way tap, which then replaces the previous kitchen tap, and in addition to hot and cold water also has a feed path for filtered water. Alternatively, in addition to the existing tap a small tap can also be fitted for filter water. This simply requires a hole the thickness of a pencil to be made. If using the NFP Clario filter cartridge the Nautilus can also be fitted in the former cold water supply, and then all the water that comes from the old cold water tap can be filtered. A DVGW certified backflow preventer is integrated in the stopcock.

Technical Data:

Dnautilus_schaubildimension: Aprox. 360mmx150mm (with wall mount), weight aprox. 2,8kg without filter cartridge


Not for use with "pressureless boilers". Only use with cold water due to the construction of the available filter cartridges.