Carbonit Vario Comfort


Product number: WL11528
Manufacturer: Carbonit
Manufacturernumber: 120VHP-BS2
EAN: 4024875900339
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Product information "Carbonit Vario Comfort"

Carbonit Vario Comfort

The flexible drinking water filter offering ease of operation at an affordable price: Simple installation, either with a special faucet which his both small and elegant or CARBONIT® quality for all of the tap water coming out of your faucet you have already been using. The hardware is kept out of sight under the basin.

Areas of application
Water filtration in the kitchen for yielding filtered drinking water, usable even with high concentration levels of lead and copper. Very suitable for the preparation of beverages, water for cooking, etc.

Model Device for installation under the basin between a corner valve and the existing water faucet. Separate, elegant water faucet for providing filtered water.

Filter used
CARBONIT® Monoblock IFP Puro
Output Ca. 400 liters per hour (IFP Puro) at a water pressure of 4 bar and a water temperature of 10°C (50°F). See filter cartridge data sheets for IFP Puro for the removal of contaminants.
Dimensions Filter unit without connections (W x H x D): 123x310x115 mm (4.8"'93 x 12"'93 x 4.5"'93). Length of flexible hoses:2 pieces, each ca. 80 cm (31.5"'93), 1 piece ca. 30 cm (11.8"'93).

Complete, dry ca. 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs), complete, wet ca. 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs). Temperature: Utilization only with cold water; protect against freezing.

Scope of supply
Complete filter device with comprehensive installation material: VARIO Comfort: as with VARIO Classic, but with rapid coupler on the filter housing. A CARBONIT® Monoblock IFP Puro filter cartridge is included.

Accessory Items

VARIO connection kit coupling NW 7.2

VARIO/DUO hose sets

Variants from €19.00*

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