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Carbonit SanUno Prefilter

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  • Founded in 2003
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Scope of application Complement existing SANUNO devices (except ... Inox) for double... more

Scope of application

  • Complement existing SANUNO devices (except ... Inox) for double filter (serial)

  • for the use of an inexpensive Vorfilterpatrone (VFS 09 / ...), a second activated carbon cartridge (NFP ...- 9) or an ion-exchange cartridge for decalcification


  • for self-assembly on an existing SANUNO (Classic, Vital, Basic)

  • Plug connection to the base unit

  • depending on the filter cartridge, the following effects can be achieved:

a) extension of the service life of the cartridge in the base unit by prefiltering with cheap prefilter VFS09/001
b) increasing the adsorptive capacity by doubling the activated carbon compound means 2. NFP cartridge
c) decalcification of the water (for drinking purposes, not for household hot water suitable) through ion exchange cartridges

Unit is supplied without cartridge, this must be ordered separately


  • SANUNO prefilter about 1.3kg dry, wet approximately 2.1kg
  • filter unit without connections (W x H x T) x 120 x 290 x 122


depending on the filter cartridge

Use instructions

  • it can be used various types of the aforementioned filter cartridges

  • Recommendation (see also filter cartridges)

  1. VFS 09/001 - 1 micron fineness, ideal for subsequent NFP Premium

  1. NFP Protect 9 - 5 microns fineness

  1. IK-NF2 (with various granulates) as needed, to another on the product side filter cartridges / ion exchange cartridges ...

Filter cartridges

Selection depending on the target position (see Notes on use)

  1. VFS09 / fff - textile pre-filter (useful life of NFP extend)

  1. NFP yyy-9 - (increase adsorption capacity) activated carbon cartridge

  1. IK-NF2 - ion exchange cartridge 


Complete kit for connection to an existing base unit with operating instructions, packed in carton, without filter cartridge

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