Dahlert RO Water Purifier DT-WP-22


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Manufacturernumber: DT-WP-20
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Product information "Dahlert RO Water Purifier DT-WP-22"

Dahlert RO Tabletop Purifier DT-WP-22 for installation free

Drink clean, safe and fresh-tasting water using our Dahlert Water Purifier. The water purifier stands alone with no need to have it connected to a water source. Meaning, no more heavy water bottle to change.

Plug and Play Dahlert Water Purifier with Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filter system.

Drinking enough water is important for the human body. It is essential to keeping ourselves healthy. However, not all drinking water is the same. Whether the water is from the tap, or has been through water filter jugs, or even bottled mineral water, there is still a high chance that the water quality is low, consists of impurities and contaminants that can harm your body. They may also make the water taste weird.

Advantages at a glance

  • Bring pure healthy anywhere in your room
  • Compact Body - small, exquisite and no installatione needed
  • Free installation - you can place it wherever you want (Office, Bedroom, Living Room)
  • 6 temperatue water options - optimum temperature is on your choice
  • Hot water - sit down an grab yourself a cup of coffee made of healthy hot water
  • Warn water - life is healthy and good. Warm water is a nice company of your leisure time
  • Ambient temperature water - it´s always a good idea to quench your thirst with healthy water at ambient temperature
  • Removable water tank - change and refill water easily. Tap water tank und wastewater tank are separated. With our removable water tank design, water is easy to be refilled, changed and stored
  • Food grade built-in water tank - reliable material for healty water storage
  • 60% high water recovery rate - purify more, waste less.
  • Smart auto wash cycle - filter´s lifespan is greatly extended. Out smart auto wash cycle helps to extend the lifespan of the filter by effectively flushing water impurities that remained in the filter in only 10 seconds
  • 5+ reverse osmosis water filter system. 5-stage filtration process with high precions (5+ pre-filtration - stainless steel screen, stage 1 - PP filter, stage 2 - pre-carbon filter, stage 3 - PP filter, stage 4 - RO filter, stage 5 - post-carbon filter
  • Cost-effective All in One Filter - surprisingly performance with minimum cost


  • Filter: RO All in one Filter
  • Water Recovery: 1:2
  • Hot tank: 0.8L (Stainless steel),420W, ≥4L/H(≥85°)
  • Tap water tank: 3 L
  • Wastewater tank: 1.2L (AS material)
  • Pure water tank: 1L (AS material)
  • Hot water optional: ≥85°/40-45°/Ambient
  • Size (L x W x H): 439 x 195 x 382 mm
  • Filtration velocity: 0.25L/min

Accessory Items

Dahlert Replacement Filter


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