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RowaSystem twin turbo LFE

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Field of use The ROWA® twin-turbo is a compact reverse osmosis system for household... more

Field of use

The ROWA® twin-turbo is a compact reverse osmosis system for household use for installation below the sink with a separate water tap. With its powerful membrane, it supplies approx. 200 to 300 liters per day. The system is automatically switched off by an integrated counter-pressure shut-off valve if the permeate flow is interrupted. This makes it particularly suitable for permeate removal via the separate removal tap, which enables simple and needs-based permeate removal.


The ROWA® twin-turbo works on the principle of reverse osmosis. In reverse osmosis, the natural effort to balance is used. If water with different salt concentrations is separated by an H2O-permeable membrane, a natural balance takes place as water molecules penetrate the membrane and dilute the salt-rich solution (principle of osmosis). A pressure difference builds up, the so-called osmotic pressure. If a pressure far above the osmotic pressure is available, this process can be reversed (reverse osmosis).

In reverse osmosis, the water molecules penetrate the membrane from the salty side to the low-salt side. A concentrate is produced on the one hand and desalinated water (permeate) on the other. The greater the pressure, the more sustainable this process is. The usual line pressure of 3 - 6 bar is sufficient for this and is the only energy that is required. However, to ensure that the water on the concentrate side is not concentrated to such an extent that dissolved substances (e.g. calcium) precipitate and become blocked on the membrane, the concentration must be prevented. This is done by the flow limiter, which is optimally selected for the system.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 420 x 470 x 103
  • Weight (dry): approx. 3 kg
  • Connection input (raw water): 10 mm
  • Connection output (permeate, concentrate): 6 mm
  • Operating pressure: 3 - 7 bar
  • minimum operating temperature: 4 °C
  • maximum operating temperature (short term): 35 °C
  • maximum total hardness in the raw water: 45 °dH GH
  • Membrane type: wound module
  • Diaphragm Material: Polyamide Polysulfone
  • Pure water output at 4 bar and 15 °C (±15%): approx. 400 - 600 liters/day
  • Salt rejection rate at 500 ppm TDS, 4 bar and 15 °C (±3%) : > 90%
  • Pore size pre-filter: 5 µm
  • Service life of the pre-filter in continuous operation: approx. 3 months
  • Max. operating time of the pre-filter: approx. 6 months


hydraulic, with power supply

Scope of delivery

Your ROWA® twin-turbo is delivered ready for connection. it consists of

  • 1 ROWA® housing, equipped with a fine filter SF10 (pre-filter)
  • 2 ROWA® housings, each equipped with a RO membrane 2012-TL-300 l/d
  • 1 pc. Flow limiter 450 ml/min
  • 1 pc. back pressure cut-off valve
  • 1 pc. check valve
  • 2 pc. hose connection connectors for 6 mm PE hose
  • 1 piece hose connection connector for 10 mm PE hose
  • 1 unit valve 10 mm
  • 1 piece tapping clamp, 6 mm
  • 1 pc. Drinking water tap made of stainless steel with Ultrafilter 2.0
  • 1 pc. 2 m PA hose, black, 10/8 mm, raw water inlet
  • 1 pc. 2 m PE hose, red, 6/4 mm, drain concentrate, incl. angle connector
  • 1 pc. 2 m PE hose, blue, 6/4 mm, permeate drain, incl. angle connector
  • 1 pc. wall mounting set 2 und· 1 piece assembly and operating manual
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