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Product information "Carbonit GO Travel"

GO (-Travel Equipment-)
At home on every continent - the GO travel filter from Carbonit. Handy and practical, taking up only a small amount of space - it even fits in with one's hand luggage.

Point-of-Use (POU) System as a faucet-mount. Filter is mounted on the existing sink faucet (replacing the aerator). A diverter is used to direct water through the GO to treat the drinking water. Water filtration, flexible and mobile, for generating clean drinking water. Very well suited for the preparation of beverages, water for brushing one's teeth, water for cooking, etc. Does not remove beneficial minerals. The standardized connection can be screwed onto all commercially-available water taps; an adapter is included for internal threading (M 22 connection). Water flow of about 1 l/min with RFP GO cartridge.

Scope of delivery: Complete filtration device with standardized hook-up connection. One Carbonit Monoblock GO filter cartridge is included in the device.

Do not use behind a depressurized storage water heater. Do not attach to a spray hose faucet with shower hose. Operate only with cold water.

Due to hygienic reasons, the filter should be changed after 4 weeks. After returning from travel, dispose of used filter element and allow the housing to dry.

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