Cintropur SL 160, 3/4"


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Manufacturer: Cintropur
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Product information "Cintropur SL 160, 3/4""

CINTROPUR SL 160, 3/4"


Made entirely from top quality synthetic material, CINTROPUR filters are ideal for use with food products and drinking water. The CINTROPUR vane changes the liquid flow using centrifugal motion, forcing the larger particles down into the lower bowl, depending on the chosen filter sleeve micron-size.

The CINTROPUR centrifuge converts the incoming water into a vortex and hurls the "heavy" particles into the lower part of the filter bell so that the filter cuff retains only the fine suspended particles, depending on the choice of filter fineness.

This protective filter is placed ideally at the entrance of the installation in order to protect the entire apparatus behind it. Pre-filtration prior to each UV treatment: Always recommended so that the UV irradiation is optimal and not affected by suspended particles.

By means of the vortex, which is generated by a centrifugal propeller, the coarse particles arrive at the bottom of the vessel, where a fine filtration takes place via a sieve, which can be adjusted to 5 to 25 µ as required, so that no more particles in the water hover.

  • Centrifugal screw. Centrifugal pre-filtration (whirlpool)
  • Low pressure loss
  • Large constant volume flow
  • Large selection of finenesses in nonwoven filters
  • Simple and convenient drain (drain plug at the bottom of the bell)
  • High and constant flow
  • Interchangeable and washable filter screen
  • Continuous control of the contamination of the filter sleeve (transparent filter bell)
  • Exclusive, economical and inexpensive filter manhole system
  • Economical and environmentally friendly filtration system
  • Professional, robust and absolutely reliable device


Household: Protection of sanitary networks supplied with domestic water, rainwater or well water. Filtration of water before softener, reverse osmosis or treatment by ultraviolet

Industry: Protection of sanitary networks, machine tools and all industrial machinery for water treatment. Filtration of water before high pressure cleaning machines (100 to 200 bar / 1500 to 3000 psi) and very high pressure cleaning machines (1500 to 2500 bar / 21000 to 35000 psi)

Agriculture: Filtration of watering (spraying) installations; Filtration of water for animals; Filtration of rainwater and well water
Technical specifications
  • Diameter of connection: 3/4"
  • Max. Flow rate: 3.5 m3/h
  • Maximum application pressure: 12 bar
  • Operating pressure: 8 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature: 50° C
  • Weight: 0.68 kg
  • Standard filter sleeve: 25 µ
  • Filter area: 170 cm3