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About Us

A clear strategy 

- Full customer service with the highest of quality standards   

- Reliability and a long product lifespan

- Service and customer focus    

- Speedy and trouble-free delivery of the products to our customers   

- Transparency and trust 

The beginnings

We are a retail outlet with products that optimize drinking water. The products and we have on offer and the services we provide mainly focus on improving the quality of the tap water with the help of water filters, drinking water purification and water treatment equipment, reference books, wellness products etc. The Wasserladen Osnabrück opened its doors on May 31st, 2003, in the Iburger Strasse 61-63, Osnabrück.


In September 2007 we moved to a new location - Averdiek Strasse 28 in 49078 Osnabrück - which includes plenty of parking spaces and a lot of floor space. We are located directly opposite to IKEA. Our opening hours are: Mon. - Fri. 9am to 6pm. We`re looking forward to your visit! We have over 8 years of experience in the retail business!

Who are our customers

Our customers are from all walks of life: many parents now pay attention when it comes to the topic of drinking water, but also individuals who are environmentally concerned, health-conscious people of all ages, water, tea and coffee drinkers, homeowners, proprietors of fountains, economically as well as ecologically conscious individuals, business people and tradesmen, institutions, alternative practitionersand doctors. 


People's self-awareness when it comes to health, ecology, wellness and the subjective sensitivity for nature has rapidly increased in the last few years. Already today a litre of bottled good quality spring water costs one euro or more. If you take a family of 4, then you easily end up with a sum of 200 euros a month. This is a sum which is not really affordable for families nowadays.


Ordering online does not only lead to cheaper prices, but is also very comfortable as well as flexible and as yet unrivalled. To date we have over 8 years experience when it comes to e-commerce and serving this new market. The smart way to buy!

Speedy delivery

Individual orders are, as a rule, delivered within 48hrs. to our customers. Even with large orders we have impressive delivery times. We bill per invoice and calculate low shipping and handling costs.